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Well, winter has set in across the Fraser Valley over the last while. Some days have been warmer than others but we did have a good stretch of downright cold weather. There were some serious ice flows on the Fraser River for more than a couple of days. This kept just about everyone off the Fraser River and made it tough to fish the smaller rivers in the Valley. As it has warmed up a bit the ice flows have gone and the Fraser River is back to navigable status. There have been a few reports trickling in with some decent Sturgeon catches. As the weather gets a bit warmer there will be more opportunity to get out for a day.

The Vedder River has been fishing well for steelhead with many reports from all over the river. The Chilliwack River section is starting to get more consistent reports as we move along in the season. In recent days we have seen some great weather. Clear, sunny days to make it a joy to be out on the river. The wind has played a bit of a factor but it has been manageable on most days. The water conditions are clear and getting on the low side of the scale. The forecast is for a bit of rain over the next few days. This will give the water level a nice bump and possibly add a bit of colour to the water. The key to getting your steelhead is to cover lots of water and to be persistent.