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About Us

Big Valley Sportfishing Adventures customizes your trip to suite your needs and comfort level.

We are located in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada, just over an hour drive from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. With the picturesque scenery and the world class fishing at out doorstep, we are situated in the best area to intercept massive runs of Salmon as they make their way up the Fraser River. White Sturgeon are readily available all months of the year with a peak season in the spring and fall.

We offer many variations to the day on the river, from a fully guided day in out 21′ Custom Weld Jet boat targeting Sturgeon and Salmon to a walk and wade day on the smaller rivers targeting Steelhead in the winter months.

The 21′ Custom Weld Storm jet boat is fully equipped with all the fishing gear you will need for your day on the Fraser River and tributaries. The boat is well maintained and all safety equipment is kept in prime condition, ready for the unexpected. We pride ourselves in the cleanliness and organization of all the equipment on the trip to ensure the comfort of our clients. Waders are supplied as part of the fishing gear, as well as any bait and other terminal tackle needed for the trip.

Located in Chilliwack, we are just over an hour drive from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Big Valley is situated in the best area to intercept massive runs of Salmon as they make their way up the Fraser River. We all love a challenge, fishing for Sturgeon on the Fraser River will give you just that.

Sturgeon fishing

Spring is a time when eulachons migrate into the lower Fraser to spawn. This is the first major food source for Sturgeon after they spend the winter months in the deep wintering holes on the Fraser River. As the food becomes more readily available the fish start to feast on the abundance and become more aggressive. Coupled with the warmer water temperatures this time of year can be magic. Sturgeon fishing through the summer stay consistent and bumps into full overdrive in the fall.

When the Salmon start to migrate up the Fraser River the Sturgeon take the cues from mother nature and start to gorge on the abundance of food in preparation for the long winter ahead. This is considered to be the best time of year to fish for these prehistoric giants. Many larger fish in the 500 pound plus range are hooked in the summer and fall. The best weather, the best fishing and the best scenery all come together to make for a memorable trip.

We offer Sturgeon fishing year round. Sturgeon have been referred to as ‘Freshwater Marlin’ as they frequently jump clear out of the water after being hooked. It is not uncommon for these fish to have long, sustained runs that could reach well over 100 yards.

Salmon fishing

The summer months in the Fraser Valley is the start of the salmon migrations. The first of these fish to start showing up in the river is the Chinook Salmon. They start entering the river in May but typically the first angling opportunities don’t start on the Fraser River until mid July.

There is typically a closure to allow some of the at risk stocks to get enough escapement up river to sustain the populations. Once these numbers are reached the DFO will post an opening to allow angling for these powerful fish.

Some of the most popular techniques to target Chinook are to Bar fish for them or to ‘plunk’ from the boat. Its essentially the same basic technique with just a bit more versatility and accuracy from the boat. These fish are commonly taken using spin n glo’s and some wobbler type lures.

Coho Salmon offer some spectacular acrobatics when hooked. These fish are a smaller species but make up this with attitude. Hard hits, fast runs and many jumps and direction changes make for a fun day on the river. Casting spoons and drift fishing are common ways to target these silver bullets.

Chum Salmon are the perfect fish for the novice angler in the group. These fish readily take an offering even if not presented perfectly. Aggressive strikes and strong runs make for some unreal days to get you hooked on fishing. It is not uncommon to hook double digits of Chum in the fall.

“Most of the world is covered by water. A fisherman’s job is simple: Pick out the best parts.”

-Charles Waterman