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Charters & Rates

Charters & Private Tours

We organize charters and private tours including assistance for overnight stays and lodging.
With Big Valley Sportfishing you’ll be catching fish in no time!

Here at Big Valley Sportfishing we work diligently with our clients to customize a guided fishing trip to match your exacting standards. We offer several daily packages to suit every budget and time constraints.

Long Day 10 hrs

These trips are for the anglers that can’t get enough time on the water. These trips have ample time to experience a bit more area and find the best water to fish.

There is also time for a shore break if needed to stretch the legs and look around a bit. At certain times of year, we can target multiple species on the same trip to ensure we check as many target fish off the list as we can.

10 Hour Trip Rates

4 person | $950

3 person | $900

2 person | $850

1 person | $800

Standard Day 8 hrs

These trips are by far the most popular. A good solid day on the water, plenty of time for travel and shore time if needed. There is time to target multiple species while knowing there is time to check off a couple of the target species for the day.

8 Hour Trip Rates

4 person | $800

3 person | $750

2 person | $700

1 person | $625

Short Day 6 hrs

A perfect day on the water if you have somewhere to be. Many guests who choose this package have part of the day allocated to another activity such as a round of golf. This package is also great for families with younger members who do not have the patience for a long day on the water.

6 Hour Trip Rates

4 person | $700

3 person | $650

2 person | $600

1 person | $550

Half Day 4 hrs

The half day trip is best for those who are on the go, best suited for the quick day on the river. Is there a better place to have a meeting with a client before heading to the boardroom? Its also the perfect setting to get some work done while enjoying some great views.

4 Hour Trip Rates

4 person | $625

3 person | $575

2 person | $525

1 person | $475

Please note this is just an overview of the packages on offer.

Please contact us for more information and assistance in customising your experience.