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We are coming closer to the end of the fall fishing season. Although there are still several good options for salmon fishing it is starting to taper off a bit. All the rain over the past month has made for some good conditions in local rivers for salmon with lower water temperatures and plenty of flow. Lets hope it turns out good a few years from now when the new generation makes the return journey.

Sturgeon fishing has been on fire. There have been many large fish landed over the last few weeks. Fish are keying in on Chum roe, Chum flesh and large chunks of salmon as bait. As the water temperature drops the fish are feeding aggressively, getting prepared for winter. If the Sturgeon do not bite in a short period of time you need to move to find willing fish. Several fish have been hooked within seconds of the bait hitting bottom. Hooking a few fish in a 15 minute window is not uncommon at this time of year. Most areas are fishing well, from the Harrison River all the way down to the Stave River. Try to keep a lamprey eel as a back up bait, some bigger fish have been landed using this.

Chum fishing is doing well with jigs and wool ties. There are still many fish in good shape coming into the local rivers. You do have to weed through the spent Chum to get to the desirable ones though but that is expected this time of year.