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We were fishing hard over the past few days. Some days were nice and others not so much. Wind and rain and everything in between made fishing a bit tough some days. Even the tough days had decent results for our Fraser River sturgeon fishing guides.

There have been good numbers of eulachons in the river over the last little while. The fish have definitely taken notice of this and are keying in on them. This a great bait to have in the box at this time of year. Other bait to consider are Lamprey eel and Roe. These variations have produced some great results when the bite on eulachon slows down a bit. Something a bit different is sometimes the ticket.

The weather has warmed a bit over the past few weeks and you can definitely see the change in the water clarity as well as a bit of debris starting to accumulate on the lines. It will not be long now before we see the first real jump in water level and a large amount of debris in the river.

This great spring season is still going strong, give us a call to inquire about your personal Chilliwack sturgeon fishing experience.