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The last few weeks have been nothing short of great. The sturgeon fishing around Chilliwack has been good and the weather has been even better. Some absolute beauty days on the river.

The river has continued to drop with the debris clearing up and coming into summer conditions just a bit early. As the river level stabilizes the fish get into their predictable patterns. The slower edges have produced the best results for me. The nice drop offs and protected waters are fishing well too. If the fish are not willing to bite after just a short time you must move to find some that are biting. The biting fish are worth staying around a bit longer for, sometimes they just need a bit of time to commit.

A good portion of the fish hooked on our fraser river sturgeon fishing charters have been jumping a few times in a row. Nice warm water temperatures and a decent amount of food has these sturgeon on a energy rush. Great to see and even better to experience.

Sturgeon baits that have been producing the best for us has been salmon parts or salmon bellies, pike minnow and dew worms. Roe has been hit or miss and a lamprey eel can still get a honorable mention. Eel seems to almost always get a bite or two.

We still have some great dates available over the summer. We will work hard on all our guided sturgeon fishing trips to ensure the best experience for our clients. Give us a call at 1(604) 799-8659 for more info.