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It has been a while since my last report so here it goes. Time to get back in the swing of things.

Fishing as of late has been good. The river is definitely on the rise and it did affect fishing a bit. Most days the debris has been bearable. The most consistent bit has been in the protected area of the river, out of the main flow especially shallower areas. It is not much different from previous weeks.

The bait of choice has varied depending on what section of river I’ve been fishing. The lower sections have still been fishing well with eulachon but other baits are definitely worth a soak. I’ve been getting decent results with salmon pets as well as lamprey eel.

The upper section’s bait of choice has been salmon parts for sure. Seems to me the bigger fish remember this flavour. Eel has also produced at times over the last little while. Sturgeon should be switching over to feeding on summer baits more regularly real soon.

If you are heading out on the river please keep your eyes open for large debris coming down. With this warm weather the river is definitely bumping up and the large debris is sure to follow. ”