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The last few days have been rather stellar to say the least. This year spring seems to be in a battle with winter with the back and forth weather swings. We have had sun, rain, hail, sleet and snow all in the span of a couple of hours a few times over the past few days.

I fished all the real windy days over the last weekend. Those days were a bit tougher. We did manage some decent fish in the wind but nothing like I expected from all the fish we marked on the sounder. We just couldn’t fish where I wanted to.

Once the winds died down everything came together. Consistently good to great fishing followed with days of 20+ fish landed. The fish were all over where I would normally look for them this time of year. I would get 2-4 fish from a drop and it would slow a bit, move over a short distance and back on the action. That is what Fraser River sturgeon guiding is all about, staying on the fish.

Water temps did drop with the cooler weather from ~41 degrees over the weekend to ~38.5 mid week. Lots of seals in some areas and a bunch of birds. I think everything is waiting for the eulachons. I haven’t seen many yet but it is that time of year.

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